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My name is Eden Valenzuela and I am 17 years old. I was born in El Paso, Texas on April 26th. However, a year after I was born, my parents and I moved to Connecticut, then again to Indiana. So, El Paso never felt like home to me. This was true until I was nine years old, when our family of now five moved back to my birthplace. Just like the majority of El Paso, I am Latina. My dad's side of the family is purely Mexican, and my mom's side of the family is purely Caucasian. Having lived in a small town where almost everyone was white, I was never surrounded by the hispanic culture and traditions. So, when we returned to El Paso I became interested in all things Mexican. Living in El Paso and attending El Paso high has contributed to who I have become as a person. This year in newspaper as a writer, I hope to be able to write interesting and informative news stories for the student body that give readers information about activities and events happening around La High. I also hope to help give students a voice and be able to provide them with a way to express their concerns and opinions in a place where they will get noticed and addressed. Personally, I consider school newspapers to be essential ways to help everyone stay up to date with the latest events around not only our school, but our community and city as well. I look forward to being a part of the Tatler staff for a second year, and I am excited to give back to the community that has shaped me.

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Eden Valenzuela