Prom swap shop helps students find the right fit


Alyson Andreu

Senior Mia Moriel looks for a prom dress at the swap shop put on by EPHS’ Student Council.

Syd Brock, Editor-In-Chief

During prom season at El Paso High School, Student Activities Manager Lindie Reynolds-Serna put together a prom shop from donations in her classroom for the student body to come in and get formal clothing for free.

For the past four years, Ms. Serna and the Student Council have been putting this together not only for students who can’t afford formal wear, but also for students who wish to trade in old clothes for new ones.

“It’s called a ‘Prom Swap Shop’ and you have two options,” Ms. Serna said. “We want it to be open for all so we’ve had students who feel the need to give payment and come in and swap an old dress for a new one, as well as everything being free for the students.”

When COVID-19 hit, the shop had to be closed due to the suspension of prom for the past two years, but this did not stop Ms. Serna from obtaining more options for when the shop opened back up again.

“It’s been more public this year because we have so much more stuff to offer,” Ms.Serna said. “The reason why is because during COVID people went through their closets and gave us more so now it’s actually a store.”

Not only was it a fun experience for Ms. Serna, but also for the STUCO members who helped get it set up.

“We were able to go pick up all the dresses and suit materials from the church that donated to us,” Student Body President, Alejandra Chavez said. “My car was packed, I couldn’t even see when I was reversing. Going through the dresses was really cool and seeing all the dresses in style now that people would be able to choose from was really fun.”

The event will be the last high school dance for all the seniors who are graduating this year.

“I am excited about prom. But I think that is going to be a very nostalgic moment because it is our last dance as seniors, and also the fact that we are leaving the school is kind of sad too,” senior Yamileth Govea said.