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Sergio Estrada, Staff Writer

Sergio Estrada, Staff Writer

My name is Sergio Estrada and I am a sophomore in El Paso High School the newspaper class. I am 15, turning 16 on Dec. 3. I have a younger brother, older sister and a dauchsund dog.

I live with both my parents. I was born and raised in El Paso, TX and previously attended Wiggs middle school. I have been playing basketball since I was 8-years old and ever since then, basketball has been my favorite sport. I have played on several leagues and on some we have been city champions.

I currently play for the Junior Varsity team. My least favorite subject is Math. My favorite subject is History, I really like learning about the past.

I am trying really hard to do good in school to go to a good college. Even though it might seem like a dream, but I want to be a professional basketball player. If that dream doesn’t work out I have to find something else I am good at.

At this time I am not sure what I want to study, but I know I have to go to college. I like working with technology maybe that is a good option for me. School is sometimes hard because all of the work we have from different classes.

All the pressure from just being a teenager. I am lucky, I have great friends that encourage and help me in school. We have been good friends since middle school. Some of the classes I have choosen are to discover what I am good at. Math is definitely something I am weak at.  I picked newspaper to expose me to new areas of learning.

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Sergio Estrada