Alumni museum offers passage through history


Lorrayne Rodriguez

The new EPHS alumni museum located next to the school building on the Virginia side, opened to the public on Oct. 5. Alumni President, Amada Flores, called it a place that brings people together.

Oona Narvaez

In the case of El Paso High School, the school has a prideful alumni from various generations. Recently the alumni have relocated to a new site that allows for more space and showcase of historical content. 

According to Alumni President, Amada Flores, the museum is funded by public donations. It is located at the side of the school where the old head custodian housing used to be. 

“It will make people more aware of the school, the needs of the students, the success of the teacher, the unity that exists here among the alumni,” Flores said. “It acts like a chewing gum, it brings us all together.”

Lorrayne Rodriguez
Henry Trost pictured in the center was the chief designer and architect of the El Paso High School building. Engineer, Adolphus Trost is on the left and architect, Gustavus Trost is on the right.

During a presentation and meeting given by the alumni on Oct. 4, the alumni expressed their future plans to enhance the building more than it already had been. This included an extra 800 square feet, computer software that scans all of the Spur yearbooks, and personal donations of artifacts and other things people have collected from the school over the years. 

According to Flores, funding for the building is and will be from public donations.

 “We are a tax free organization. It’s all donations,” Flores said. “As we progress we will have special occasions with people who bring us their beautiful artifacts. We hope to enlarge our collection,” 

The building owned by the public El Paso Independent School District has an annual sustainable agreement and is effective for the next 100 years.

“It’s really cool, you can see that’s not just a building, it’s about the people that come through it. Because of the people who come here we  have a legacy,” senior, Paola Jurado said.

Paola’s mother graduated from EPHS in 1994 and was originally suppose to go to Coronado, but felt she would follow in her family’s footsteps.

“I started high school at Coronado. Coming here made me appreciate my family history,” Paola said.

This new building provides a home for those who have attended the school, and those who will graduate and hopefully one day come back upon good memories. Memories that will be preserved through the alumni and the building.

Sebastian Cruz
Alumni who visit the museum have an opportunity to reminisce on the time they once walked the halls of El Paso High School.

“The original building was too small for everything that they had. And we had the nobility of the old custodial home that was condemned,” EPHS Principal, Mark Paz said. “The Alumni Association, you know, understanding the importance of our history, and our mission and vision, always remembering the past and forge towards the future, they had the opportunity to take ownership of that property.”


Lorrayne Rodriguez
The EPHS alumni museum offers a wide collection of historical artifacts that date back to the campus’ inception in 1916.