Christmas, Hanukkah Aren’t The Only Days For Celebration In December


Natalia Lowe, Reporter

We all know about major holidays celebrated by people all around the world such as Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s day. But, what many people do not know about is all of the minor national holidays that go on every single day.

The month of December seems to revolve around Christmas and Hanukkah, but there are so many other days to be celebrated along with those throughout December.

Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day. This day was created only four years after the discovery of the virus in 1984. It is a day to spread awareness and to help people understand more about the disease. You can help by wearing a red ribbon to spread awareness

Moving away from the more serious celebrations, there are also many national holidays based off of food. In December there are days such as Cookie Day, Ice Cream Day, Chocolate Day, and even Bacon Day. You can use these holidays to your advantage and eat some of the foods that are being celebrated that day.

There are also fun holidays celebrated in December that correspond with Christmas like, Candy Cane day on Dec. 26, Dec. 18 is Bake Cookies day, and there is even National Humbug day on Dec. 21.

Why would there be a Humbug day so close to Christmas? Well it’s supposedly to let anyone preparing for Christmas to vent their frustrations. Use Bah Humbug Day to release the stress of the holiday season. But, whatever you do, avoid becoming a real Christmas Scrooge.

Dec. 21 is also the official holiday that many of us celebrate every single day, don’t make your bed day. Don’t make your bed day has got to be one of the most amusing holidays to exist. This holiday is relatively new, and was inspired by an elementary school boy wrote a letter to Congress. So, on this day you are allowed to relax and not worry about making your bed, and if you never make your bed anyway then it will probably feel just like any other day.

On the last day of the year, Dec. 31 is national unlucky day. It seems fitting that ‘Unlucky Day’ is the last day of the year. You get the chance to get all the bad things out of the way, so next year will be happy, healthy and prosperous.

You can even create your own national holiday. It takes some work but, it is possible. The first step is to contact your local congress person. Once you have their attention, you have to create the proposal and hopefully it will get onto the congressional agenda before too many years has passed. If you are intent on doing it and have the patience, it can be done.

With so many random holidays happening every day there is practically nothing you can’t celebrate. These fun days can give you something to look forward too even if it is very small.