EPISD Upgrades From HP to Apple for Incoming Freshman


Freshman across EPISD received Apple MacBooks an initiative taken to help modernize the classroom.(Photo by Natalia Lowe)

Natalia Lowe, Reporter

Many schools have been getting rid of textbooks and replacing them with different technologies such as laptops. Classrooms now revolve around these computers and devices.

The class of 2021 were given Apple MacBook’s in preparation for this school year. Many students, including upperclassmen, were surprised by the new MacBooks.

Freshmen are finding the MacBooks helpful in class. Using less textbooks and more technology is proving to be more efficient in the classroom.

“I like doing our work online, because you can turn it in whenever you want. Even if your out of town or not in school, you can turn in some of the work and not fall as much behind.” Freshman, Andre Desantos said.

Going from limited technology in middle school, to their own MacBook’s in High School gives freshmen a new view on school.

Freshman work on their assignments using their new MacBooks in Mrs. DeSantis’ class.(Photo by Natalia Lowe)

“Using a laptop in class makes it a lot easier…I prefer to use laptops than writing on paper because it’s simpler. Laptops are so much better than textbooks. You get to carry one thing for each class instead of multiple books for every class.” Freshman, Kassidy Duran said.

MacBooks are taking control of classrooms to the point where students can’t fully participate in class if they do not have their MacBooks with them.

“We had iPads last year but we couldn’t even take them home. Laptops give us a new way of learning. We watch videos often and that’s how some teachers give us lessons.” Freshman, Oskar Callejas said.

Bond money from the district was only able to give MacBook’s to the Freshmen. The new MacBooks are sturdier and will last longer than the HP’s.

“Three years ago, it was a big step getting the HP laptops for each student, but we have now realized they don’t last long and do not have much storage,” Assistant principle Dr. Warmack said, “We want to make the classroom more advanced than it was ten years ago. The laptops aren’t just for typing. They are a research and communication tool.”

Educators are always looking for new learning tools to help students reach their academic potential and the MacBooks are showing to be just the tool to do so. Students can research, write essays, view lecture slides, and do much more to help them in school.  With all the technological advances in the world it makes sense for schools to use this to their advantage and help give students better learning experiences.