I just want to walk



Aleah Ortiz

Aleah Ortiz, Guest editorial

In January of 2022, I registered at El Paso High School as a junior mid way through the school year. Prior to that I was attending El Paso community college, but decided it was not where I wanted to be.

When I arrived to EPHS, I played for the soccer team and joined the track team. Since I was homeschooled, my credits did not transfer the same as a normal transfer student would.

This is why I am unable to walk at graduation even though I have met the same requirements as every other student.

Before arriving to El Paso, I was homeschooled because my family and I lived in Havana, Cuba, private education was the only option.

Growing up, I moved around often enough to were going to a public school would be difficult. I was born in El Paso, but right away we moved to Puerto Rico and once I was comfortable there we moved again to Florida.

Once we came back to El Paso, I hoped to begin high school at EPHS because my dad is an alumni, class of ‘90 graduate, and I hoped to follow in his footsteps. However, we ended up moving back to Cuba.

Nevertheless, this did not hinder me in any way from becoming a tiger. Once my senior year began, I joined the cross-country team, and we won district champions and went to regionals. For the soccer season we were district and bi-district champions.

Apart from athletics I joined the FCA and the BTL club at El Paso High School. After an exceptional soccer season, I ended up receiving a scholarship and signed to play at The University of the Southwest.

I even had the opportunity to hold my signing at the marble steps of El Paso High School with some of my fellow classmates, who are all outstanding athletes.

Even though I spent a short amount of time in this school it quickly became my home. I met so many great students, teachers, and coaches along the way who have impacted my life in more ways  than I could express.

I loved my time at El Paso High School and my one last request is that I just want to walk with my fellow senior classmates on graduation night. I do not need an official diploma as I will be receiving one from my homeschool curriculum. However, I would like to share one last memory with my graduating class before I leave El Paso High school.