Menstruation stations to help students in need of hygiene products next year


Isabel Gaytan, Staff

Beginning next year, an initiative called Menstruation Stations will officially be available in each girls’ restroom at El Paso High School.

These stations will have pads and tampons readily available in the girls’ restroom to increase the accessibility to hygiene products.

“These stations would be found in the restrooms and would be stocked with both pads, tampons, and any other products we can get,” junior Sara Antowan said.

The concept began during Sara Antowan’s Sophomore year when she saw a need for period products around the school. 

“I saw that girls needed access to period products, so I decided to give them the resources that they needed for free,” Sara said when asked what inspired her to set up the stations. 

This year, Girl Scout Troop 65904 joined in on the project to help Sara continue to keep these stations running. The troop is a non-profit organization that does community outreach acts of service. 

“I started setting these stations up my sophomore year, and I saw that the Girl Scout Troop was doing it at Wiggs, so we joined together this year,” Sara said.

These stations will grant the women of EPHS access to these products without having to go to the nurse or pay for them. To continually restock these stations with new products, the Girl Scout Troop and Sara will set up a club to accept donations of any period products. 

“It feels good to help out other girls and be the backup that they need and to keep these stations running, we would essentially accept donations from other people and put them in the restrooms,” Sara said.

Graduating seniors are glad to see such progress being made towards female’s hygienic products being made more accessible on campus.

“I’m glad to know that girls at EPHS will feel a little more secure now that they will have hygiene supplies there for when they need them and they won’t have to worry about making sure to always be carrying them,” Senior Allison Venegas said.