Journalism students get golden opportunity in San Francisco at national convention


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Journalism adviser Daniel Ornelas, juiors Ariana Alvidrez, Alyson Andreu, Fernanda Pineda and journalism teacher Doris Garza visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA during their visiith to the spring national journalism convention.

Fernanda Pineda

On April 20, 2023 members of El Paso High’s journalism staff consisting of juniors Alyson Andreu, Ariana Alvidrez and myself went on a trip to San Francisco, CA to attend a National Journalism Convention sponsored by JEA (Journalism Education Association) and NSPA (National Scholastic Press Association). 

The convention consisted of different booths, workshops and sessions where students had the opportunity to learn journalistic skills and styles that they can apply to their publications. 

“It was really helpful and fun because at the convention we were doing specific things we needed for yearbooks, newspapers and broadcasts,” junior Ariana Alvidrez said.

The students were also designated to different sessions depending on their role in the journalism staff. 

“The session that I enjoyed the most was about leadership which covered the important skills a leader needs to have, the important ways you have to treat the people that are following you in order for a staff to work,” junior Alyson Andreu said. 

The students were also escorted by their broadcast and journalism teachers Daniel Ornelas and Doris Garza. Who had the opportunity to attend different sessions specifically as a self and teacher journalist. 

“I think it helped us focus on the goal we had at the convention, which was to bring in more resources for next year,” yearbook and journalism adviser Daniel Ornelas said.

Students and advisers were able to gather ideas and information that would help them improve writing and reporting skills

“Being able to interact with other students from other schools and seeing what kind of work they’re doing and what kind of ideas they have. It’s always a refresher of new ideas, new things,” journalism teacher Doris Garza said.

The trip also helped students to connect with each other and to be able to work together, taking the opportunity to go around the city and visit historical places and monuments.

“The Golden Gate Bridge, it was such an unreal view, it looked way better than it looks in pictures,” Alyson said. “The overall was very enjoyable and I am glad I was able to go with such amazing people.”