Dr.Rocha takes over as EPHS Principal, to make campus security top priority


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Dr.Sandra Rocha, EPHS Principal

Tahlia Denis and Nathalia Ochoa

Changes to leadership were made across EPISD and El Paso High was no exception as they welcomed a new principal. However, students and staff were already familiar with their new leader, Dr. Sandra Rocha.

For the past six years, Dr. Rocha spent time as an assistant principal at EPHS and now replaces Mr.Paz, who was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools.

“It’s really quite an honor and exciting to be able to lead a school like this,” “And it was an easy transition coming in because I know the school and I know the culture. I know you guys. So it was easy, easier to come in. You all are part of this team. And if we don’t work together, it’s not going to come together,” Dr. Rocha said.

Dr. Rocha was a probation officer before getting into education, then spent nearly a decade as an 8th grade science teacher before arriving at EPHS.

She added that her plans are to help improve attendance, embracing diversity and encouraging everyone to be kind, adding to the current culture of the school.

“It’s okay that we’re different. And that’s what makes us amazing here, the fact that everyone is different.  It’s such a mixture of wonderful people.That come together and that’s what makes us amazing,” Dr. Rocha said.

There aren’t many challenges Dr. Rocha is facing at the moment. But she does want students and as well parents to acknowledge what she is doing and if they are on board with her.

“That’s our biggest challenge, just making sure that parents, students and the community know what our goals are, and why we do certain things,” Dr. Rocha said.

Dr. Rocha’s past line of work allowed her to make an impact on people, but she felt she could do more with youth after she started working in education.

“I need to make a difference when they’re young. We need to catch them when they’re young and make sure they are going on the right path and direct them and show them what they can do and make sure that they really reach their full potential,” said Dr. Rocha

Dr. Rocha emphasized the continuation to enforce campus security as one of her priorities, something she had a lead on as an assistant principal.

“So one thing I took very seriously is continuing to take safety very seriously, and so as a principal, that becomes my priority, because if you don’t feel safe here on campus, you’re not going to learn because the back of your mind is going to be, am I safe sitting here,” Dr. Rocha said. “You have to be able to feel comfortable and secure, that I’m doing my job and the team is doing their job to keep you safe so that you can focus on learning.”

Dr. Rocha plans on staying the principal for a while. She wants to have an impact everywhere she goes. And continue to learn and grow not only the school but the community.

For staff who have worked closely with administrators, comparing Dr.Rocha to her predecessor has presented some adjustments to their personalities.

“That’s hard because they both have totally different personalities. Mr Paz was about the people, so he was fun to be with in pep rallies,” Student Activities Manager, Ms. Lindie Serna said. “Dr. Rocha is more serious, I prefer structure, she’s very structured. If you could combine them together, it would be like this ideal person.”

Just as staff has had to adjust to a new principal, Dr. Rocha has had some adjustments of her own.

“As time goes on, you’re realizing you grow right in your knowledge and in your abilities. And you realize, wait a minute, if I go to this next step, My impact is going to be greater and I can make a difference over here.But then I realized that I can have a bigger impact somewhere else and then that’s when I started moving up,” Dr. Rocha said.