Serving the competition


Hannah Cantu

Senior Kandace Bargeron with the forehand swing against Irvin on Sept. 17.

Ezra Ponzio and Luciano Chafino

After a shortened season because of last year’s Covid-19 restrictions, the team is dominating this season by winning all six of their tournaments along with holding first place in district.

The team’s success can be attributed to the mixture of new and veteran players. Freshman Cat Pardo has recently joined the team and has already been promoted to varsity.

“At tryouts, I just kind of went out and did my best and when I got the good news I was super excited,” Cat Pardo said.

She also speaks towards how it has been a cool experience and that her and her fellow freshman teammates are proud of their accomplishments.

“I do think that we’re doing pretty well. Our team has some really strong players. And I think we’re going to do really great,” Cat said.

She sees herself becoming an even better player and telling us that her team is very uplifting and that her team inspires her. She’s even considering playing tennis in college.

“It felt a little bit rusty at first since I haven’t been out on the courts with the players, but I’ve been getting back into it,’’ Sophomore Carson Shapiro said.

Carson has been playing tennis for over 12 years. For extra practice, Carson likes going to the country club and practicing there to get even better at tennis.

“Overall, the team is looking very promising,” Carson said.

“We need to start working harder and stronger and we’ll get to a lot of places,” Junior and Varsity Team Captain, Paula Chavez said.

Paula expresses how she cares about the players on the team and wants everyone to have a good time and improve.

“We’ve been practicing, almost every day of the week,” Paula said. “We’ve been doing a lot of matches against each other against other schools, and they’re all practice matches but we’ve been working on that.”

Kandace Bergeron is a senior varsity tennis player. She has been on the team all 4 years of high school.

“Tennis is a good way to get out and meet some new people,” Kandace said.

Kandace spoke towards her future tennis plans, with this being her last year.

“I haven’t really thought about playing tennis in college,” Kandace said. “But it would be nice to at least do clubs and try to do some tournaments out there during college, but probably not join a college’s tennis team”.

The team all has expressed their motivation towards both the sport and each other.

“There’s always room for improvement everywhere you go,” Paula said. “We need to start working harder and stronger and we’ll go to a lot of places, and I personally think if they keep up the work they are destined for great things.”