People should be free to choose when and where to wear a mask

Elijah Pedroza, Staff

People should be free to choose when and where to wear a mask

Mask mandates should not be enforced due to the rights of the people.

Students have freedom to express themselves in any way they please including in clothing forms, which is essentially what makes them have become.

The EPISD mask mandate reigns pointless towards the eyes of students due to when it applies. Students can sit side by side outside without masks, but must comply with the moment they are indoors, which results in being completely non beneficial.

The chances of catching COVID-19 remain the same either or.

As long as students and staff maintain their personal hygiene, for example sneezing into their arm, and away from a person, washing hands correctly, and isopropyl alcohol kills most germs on keys, hands, wallets, door handles, and all touchable surfaces.

Maintaining a safe distance from people you don’t know will also have a big impact on staying safe. The safest distance to stay is a bald eagle’s length, from a  5.7- 7.5 foot distance.

If people follow simple directions there won’t be a need for masks.

Another example as to why masks have no need is, when students are in school they are mandated to wear them inside.

When students exit the building they are free to remove them and socialize with other classmates.

Why are students told to wear masks inside the building but not outside when students also socialize with the same people inside as they did outside?  

One of the foundations in America is freedom.

Americans should have the liberty to choose whether or not people want to wear masks because at the end of the day it’s completely your choice whether or not you want to wear them.