Jorge Rodriguez, Reporter

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. All around the U.S, 86% of high school students procrastinate. Students in high school usually experience higher levels of frustration, guilt, and anxiety. At El Paso High School, these issues can affect the student’s academics and the teachers grading policy.

Students have recently started to be aware of these issues. They have begun to set alarms on their phones and write it down on calendars so that they’re reminded that they have work that has to be finished.

“Up until this year I’ve never had the problem in which I forget my work exists,” senior, Andrea Artalejo, said.

When certain students start to forget about their responsibilities, they show less effort. Some people have their way of dealing with these type of situations. Andrea has her own of dealing with it by doing the work “last minute” and try to negotiate with the teacher’s due date.

Teachers are affected heavily as well.

“It makes more work for the teacher because you’re constantly chasing the students for grades, its ten times as much work than I am supposed to have regularly, ”AP Bio/Anatomy teacher, Mrs. Sales Colquitt, said.

This goes to show that it is affected in all parts of an academic environment. Being in the 12th grade is very different from being in the 9th grade. Seniors know the grading system is greater than any other grade level. Underclassmen are more worried about their grades because they’re getting prepared to apply to colleges and pass the state test.

“Procrastination affects me most when I am working on schoolwork mostly when I am at home, lately to take my mind off procrastinating and distract myself with something else so that when I come back to my work, I am more focused and ready to complete the work,” freshman, Julian Martinez, said.

Even if a teacher does not teach an AP class, they are affected just as much.

“I do have a good amount of students who procrastinate in my classes I teach freshman, so I do give them more time then they do need because they’re new to the environment of being in high school, It affects me in a way that it can make my work back up,” freshman English teacher, Brandy Acosta said.