Changing Of The Guard

Mark Paz Returns To EPHS As New Principal


Victoria Huerta-Murray

Principal Mark Paz was greeted back to EPHS on Jan. 29, with a pep rally where he expressed his words of support to the student body.

There’s new leadership at El Paso High School as a familiar face in Mr. Mark Paz retuned to replace Kristine Ferret as principal in January of 2018.

Ms. Ferret announced last semester that she would be leaving El Paso High School so that she could take a job as Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction in central office. This announcement sent waves through the El Paso High community since she had spent the last six years as head of the campus.

In order to determine who the next principal would be, a committee was formed. Social Studies teacher, Mr. Reese was one of the heads of the committee, he made his feelings known about Ms. Ferret’s exodus.

“What I’ll remember about Ms. Ferret is her willingness to try new things, and support ideas that I had about how I might teach differently and use technology differently in teaching,” Mr. Reese said. “Ms. Ferret was always willing to try to support me by- and all the teachers- by helping us get what we needed to be effective.”

This interview was conducted before the announcement of the new principal.

Mr. Paz was previously working as principal at Canutillo Middle School and has a history as Assistant Principal at El Paso High School. Paz was also nominated for the Region 19 Administrator of the Year award in 2013 and 2015.

“It’s a bit of a homecoming for me; I was the assistant principal here at EP from 2011 to 2013. My official first day here at El Paso High is the 29th of this month. I started out as a teacher for nine years at Armendariz Middle School, and a lot of students that I’ve taught came here.” Mr. Paz said, “There is something about El Paso High, I know the kids, and I know a lot of the parents. It is such a beautiful place to be. This campus is important to me, and it’s the place where I want to send my kids. I love working with children and the idea of the end of the road and going into the real world so that we can give the exposure for them so they can be prepared for their choices out there.” 

Mr. Paz has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Texas at El Paso and was also nominated for the Region 19 Administrator of the Year award in 2013 and 2015 for his leadership in Canutillo.

Overall, people in the community seem to be reacting in a bittersweet way to this transition. Many are sad to see Ms. Ferret leave, but the new possibilities have also excited students and teachers.

“It’s just a special place to whoever comes here and has the opportunity to lead and appreciate it’s past and history.” Principal, Kristine Ferret said.