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Leila Santa Cruz – Making New Memories
My name is Leila Santa Cruz. I am a Junior here at El Paso High School. I am also a Varsity cheerleader, in student council and broadcast journalism. I have attended El Paso High since my freshman year, and have made many friends along the way.

My freshman year I was on the Junior Varisty cheer team and it was a really good experience since I've done cheer most of my life. I had tried out again the following year and made varsity as a sophomore. Last year, El Paso High turned 100, which led to series of events that were pretty memorable in my case. Being a cheerleader meant a lot to me, especially since as a squad, we were involved in many events leading up to our big centennial celebration.

I have also been in student council since my freshman year, and being involved with school is a great way to help the community out and make sure we're doing our job to make our school a friendly environment, but also keep it spirited.

My sophomore year, I was put into journalism and I really enjoyed it. We learned a lot about interviewing people, how to write a lead in a story, and how to work a camera at times. It interested me to want to join this course again because I feel more involved in school, and I get to learn more about journalism and how it works. I am also in broadcast which I am very excited about because it is more of audio and photography. Being involved with these two classes will help me be a better student journalist because of how these classes work, and how I'll learn from them.

Leila Santa Cruz, Staff Writer and Photographer

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