Tigers Choose Comfort Over Style For Fall Fashion


Leila Santa Cruz

“I go to Hollister, Forever 21, sometimes American Eagle, Old Navy and Aeropostale.” – Jacqueline Chairez

Lila Chavez and Leila Santa Cruz, Reporters

As the temperatures start to drop so do new fall trends; the students at El Paso High showed off their taste in fall fashion.

Some of the trends to look out for this fall are riding boots for a cold day or Ugg boots for extra comfort and warmth. Beanies along with scarfs are also clothing accessories that can add some style to any outfit.

“I go to Hollister, Forever 21, sometimes American Eagle, Old Navy and Aeropostale,” junior, Jaqueline Chairez said.

A nice knitted sweater is warm yet chic, and will get anyone through a cold day. Something to pair with a knitted sweater is an olive green parka jacket if the weather permits.

“I would rather be comfortable because I don’t want to spend the extra time getting ready, I don’t have to impress anybody,” junior, Fernando Villegas said. “I don’t usually keep up with fashion trends, I just wear whatever I want to wear.”

Comfort was the consensus among most of the students, but that didn’t take away from good style.

“It depends on the day usually comfortable,” junior, Galie Lujan said. “My go to outfit is probably leggings, a t-shirt, and Nike shoes.”