Seniors take on SAT despite challenges COVID presents


Rene Servin, Reporter

COVID has changed the way students live and operate day to day across the United States and there is no surprise it has affected the process of filling out college applications and SAT testing.

 El Paso High School seniors had the opportunity to take the SAT on, Sept. 23.

Although there were some concerns, senior Erik Ardovino was a student who decided to retake the exam.

“I was worried that the school would not be able to be well equipped to deal with the spacing required to prevent spread if someone had the virus,” Ardovino said. 

El Paso High took numerous precautions to mitigate the risks of spread. For example, there was a temperature check station as students walked into the school. Secondly, the test was administered in numerous classrooms as opposed to the gyms.

“I think the school handled it to the best of their ability, but unfortunately could not account for every detail such as some classrooms containing over 10 people,” Ardovino said.

 For those who opted out of taking the SAT on Sept. 23, there will be more opportunities in the near future. One of those people is senior Lauryn Banegas. 

“I am taking the SAT in October, and plan on signing up for more SAT’s,” Lauryn said. 

Some students might have chosen not to take this test, because of the fear of contracting the virus.

“I actually do have worries more now, knowing that there has been announcement that there was a case of COVID-19 at school. So now I feel like it isn’t as safe, and I am worried, but I am going to do everything to stay safe,” Banegas said.

 COVID has not only affected SAT testing, but also the college application process. Colleges such as the University of Chicago, Notre Dame, and Georgetown have decided to make SAT score submissions optional.  This is most likely due to colleges realizing some students are unwilling or unable to take the SAT. So, to avoid unfairness, these colleges have decided to waive the SAT requirement. 

“I personally feel that SAT’s are important to know where you will be at a test standpoint,” Banegas added.