Valentine’s Day pet peeves

Aranxa Valencia

Valentine’s Day, the appointed day of the year to show your love to your significant other. Typically this love is conveyed through stuffed animals, heart-shaped-pink balloons and copious amounts of chocolate. And while there’s no denying that it’s a sweet gesture, the fact is that not everyone is invested in the idea of valentine’s day.

In fact, there are many things that annoy people about this holiday.

Sophomore, Camille Watts, says that your love should be expressed year round, and not just on Valentine’s Day, “Buying your significant other a bunch of stuff,” she said. “Like show your guys’ love every day of the year if you love each other that much.”

This sentiment was shared by many other students at El Paso high.

Lia Ruybe agrees with this, “People get so wrapped up into the idea that on Valentine’s day you have to receive something from your significant other. I don’t think that they necessarily need to buy you something to show that they care.”

Many things about Valentine’s Day seem to be clichéd and people are over it.

When asked about his biggest pet peeves in regards to Valentine’s Day Pablo Payan answered; “The basic stuff, like when you buy your girlfriend flowers or chocolate or the really big bears.”

And the PDA (Public Display of Affection), now that’s something people aren’t fans of.

No one appreciates walking down the hallway only to come across five different couples half-way through a make-out session. People just aren’t fans of the PDA. Another aspect of PDA that ticks off singletons isn’t so much physical affection but it’s when people carry around enormous bears and sing to each other in the hallways. Also, carry around flowers, neon pink balloons, and chocolate, that just ends up making you feel hungry. But, the worst of all when they are barricading the halls.

“…the way they block the halls,” says Stephanie Chavez. ” You can’t move, you can’t get to class. I don’t know you get to class but I want to get to mine.”

It’s true that often times in the hallways people have to maneuver their way around the couples or simply they will have to match their slow pace which results with students arriving to class late.

Some even view the entire holiday as a scam.

“It’s an excuse for corporations to make a lot of money from people who are fooled into the whole thing. I can’t go to a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day because its jam-packed with people who are gonna be broken-up in a week. I don’t really like the whole idea of Valentine’s Day, it’s a bad idea.” says Sergio Padilla a teacher at El Paso High.

And it comes back to the fact that if you care about someone you should show it year round, “There shouldn’t just be one day dedicated to showing someone that you love them, that should every day. So if you need the excuse might as well get out of that relationship.”